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Consulting Services    

Pointing out savings potentials
Different design approaches.
Target costs versus investment budget.
Continuous operation over 25 years.

Neutral excursions to selected cities
to see operational samples of different
designs and vendors including technical
discussions and money consequences.

Neutral support in finding and selecting
designers and architects
Producers for samples
Series production and auditing

Independent workshops to prepare
tenders and inquiries.

Consulting to optimize rent and profit
margins by using proved concepts.

  public-consultants © show before the
tenders are sent out how future target
costs can be reached by the unity of design,
technique and integrated management.

How much can be saved on a new
10 mio€ project or with additional
investments in running projects?

How can a city get the maximum of
money out of their public sites?

Where are the hidden costs that reduce
the future profits for the city?