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1. On the contents of the online range
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2. Links and references
In the case of direct or indirect reference to other Internet sites ("links") outside the author's area of responsibility, third-party liability would only come into effect in a case where the author was aware of the contents and it would be technically possible and not unreasonable for him to prevent their use in the case of illegal contents. The author therefore expressly declares that the appropriate sites linked were free of illegal contents at the time of inserting the link. The author has no influence on current and future layout or on the content of the linked/connected sites. He therefore hereby disassociates himself from all contents of all linked/connected sites that were changed after the link was inserted. This finding is valid for all links and references inserted in his own Internet range. Only the supplier of the site referred to shall be liable for any illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and in particular for any damage resulting from the use or disuse of such information offered, and not the person merely referring to the particular publication via links.

3. Copyright and trademark rights
The author endeavors to respect the copyright of graphics, sound clips, video sequences and text in all publications, to use graphics, sound clips, video sequences and text he has himself created or public domain graphics, sound clips, video sequences and text. All brand marks and trademarks named on the Internet range and where appropriate third party protected are subject without any restrictions to the regulations of the currently valid copyright law and the ownership rights of the appropriate registered owner. It may not be assumed that by reason of mention alone, brand names are not protected by third-party law. Items created and published by the author himself remain the copyright of the author of the pages. Copying or use of such graphics, sound clips, video sequences and text in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author's written consent - not even for teaching purposes.

4. Data protection
No personal data is collected or stored. Google Analytics is not in use, there is no tracking and no cookies in use. Possible personal data provided by a municipal interested party for a free sample calculation as the return information is neither stored nor evaluated or passed on by a computer.

Link to Data Protection Declaration: http://www.public-consultants.de/e_datenschutz.htm

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer of liability
This disclaimer of liability is to be seen as a part of the Internet site from where reference is made to these pages. If any parts or individual formulations of this description do not comply with, no longer comply with or do not completely comply with the current legal position, this shall not affect the contents and validity of the other parts of the document.

6. In case of any divergence between the German and English texts the German version shall be valid.