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Content - major issues  
Bus shelters in different types and
additional services

Show-cases in different applications with and without poster changing.

Pillars and columns with optional
service equipment.

Mega-Light-Boards and their special
technical requirements.

Service and repair of street furniture.

City-toilets with automatic cleaning.

Public facilities installations according to
newest hygiene standards.

Handicaped toilets

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The street furniture report © gives an
overview to city accoutants and non
technical managers on a regular basis.

Technical concepts will be evaluated
with regard to financial consequences.

Savings potentials will be made visible
for the city decision makers.

Calculations by thumb give a quick
overview for non specialists.

Technical details are explained for
non technicians

Advice how architects and designers
should approach new projects

Checking items about technical issues
for poster agencies

Government rules (Germany) and their
effects will be followed