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profit calc

Street furniture projects offer services financed
by outdoor advertising that raise questions

How does the financial background of the
project look like for decision makers?
How profitable can a street furniture project be?
How many people might find new jobs?
How can other sources of income improve a
street furniture project and related services?

What do services cost offered to the city?
What are consumption and other costs?

Why is the chosen design of the street furniture
furniture economic over 15 to 20 years?

Is the equipment reliable or does it become too
expensive during the project period?

Where are the hidden risks for the city?



public-consultants © has a calculation service
to give the city a profit and loss overview

Stage 1 offers a rough overview - free of charge
only for cities and municipal institutions.

Cities can download an EXCEL table with help
comments to be filled in and mailed back

With this returned data the city receives a project
overview calculation for appr. 15 years

Stage 2 can use this data base for fine tuning
together with the city´s staff to be more accurate

Many questions can be answered already in the
2 stages before and after a tender comparison.

The city gets an optimized planning approach.

City´s decisions will have reduced risks

Download here the entry data table  >>